Moving, repairing home appliances are no longer afraid of "ghost"

moving companies a mixed bag do? Appliance repair experience, "Li GUI" do? In recent years, the continuing parody of "special service", "ghost" moving companies fool consumers are increasingly raised the importance the city consumer protection Commission hotline for Web search. To safeguard the interests of consumers, yesterday, the municipal consumer protection Committee officially launched "the consumer protection board to help you find", introduced home appliances repairs and moving company "safe contact." Consumers are in need, as long as the login, consumer protection Committee Web site, you can find reliable contact.   

     in recent years, fake brand appliance repair company and moving companies of a very prominent, serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. According to statistics, in January-September this year, city consumer protection Commission handled consumer complaints 1752 appliance repair, involving "ghost" company 67; 57 accept moving the consumer complaints involving "ghost" company 32, 56.14% per cent. These "ghost" companies pay hefty fees, Internet, telephone directory advertising heavily to make consumers believe.  

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